We offer bespoke advice to those at every stage of their career. Whether you are just after getting your first big break or have been established in the industry for years we have the knowledge and skill to aid your professional development and help you reach your full potential.

Who We Work With

Here at LBM we are veterans of the music industry with far reaching expertise
allowing us to service a vast client base including:


We specialise in tour management, royalty planning and structure planning. We service the Irish and UK markets with offices based in Limerick and London. We have a wide-ranging client spectrum as we cater for artists, songwriters and composers, producers, managers, publishers, event and festival organisers, sport individuals such as golfers and those involved in media services.


What We Do

We strongly believe in a close working relationship with
our clients as it ensures we are providing a service
which is tailored to your specific needs. No two music
careers are the same and the same can be said for your
accounting, tax and business management needs.

By choosing LBM you can be assured you will never be offered services or advice which would not be in your best interest. We pride ourselves in being honest, reliable and relentless in our commitment to our clients.

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  • TOUR
  • Company Secretarial Services
    • Monitor Compliance Obligations
    • Company Formations
    • Preparation of Statutory Returns
    • Filing Your Annual Return
    • Complete Changes in Share Capital
    • Complete Changes such as Directors and Company Names
  • Personal Service
    • Management of Personal Taxes
    • Money Management
    • Arrangement of Insurances
    • Assistance with Banking
    • Mortgage Application
    • Adhoc Personal Matters
  • Tour Management
    • Tour Accounting Services
    • EU VAT Reclaims
    • US Social Security Exemptions
    • FEU Applications and Clearances
    • Budget Preparation
    • Business Management during the Tour
  • Taxation Services
    • Preparation of Tax Returns
    • Monitoring of Tax Compliance
    • Tax Management
    • Vat Returns
    • Mitigating Withholding Taxes and Local Taxes
  • Business Management Services
    • Business Planning
    • Cashflow and Profit Forecasts
    • Bank Account Creation and Management
    • Credit Control
    • Royalty Collection and Management
    • Creating business structures specific to each client’s needs in order to maximise all domestic and international income streams
  • Accounting Services
    • Day-to-day Accounting and Invoicing
    • Maintenance of Records
    • End of Year Account Preparation
    • Quarterly Management Accounts
    • Payroll and Payment runs
    • Bookkeeping
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